Communicating resilience through annual reporting


The challenge

SunRice is one of the largest rice food companies in the world and one of Australia’s largest branded food exporters. Its strategically led approach to business has seen the company grow from a single rice mill in 1950 to operations now spanning Australia, the US, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Our challenge was to create an Annual Report that explained not only SunRice’s financial results, but also the intricacies of the business and its strategic direction.

After five years of improving financial performance and market expansion, this year was pivotal for SunRice, as a range of external factors combined to create the ‘perfect storm’. Our role was to help the company communicate that, in spite of these adverse conditions, its strategy was proving to be robust and resilient and that its implementation was cementing a promising future for the Australian rice industry.

The strategy

To clearly explain the business and strategy in terms that shareholders would understand we created an infographic that detailed in one double-page spread: Where we’ve come from; How we’re doing; Where we’re going; Our operating structure; Our brands; and Strategic goal and priorities.

We used icons from the infographic and typographic highlights throughout the report to frame each area of business and tie it back to the strategic priorities. We bookended the business overview with a second infographic that explained SunRice’s complex global supply chain.

To underline the strategic messaging, we chose a confident design aesthetic, taking our design cues from SunRice’s down-to-earth, wholesome packaging. The result was a report with a strong, contemporary look, consistent with the company’s brand.

sunrice-ar-cover-mockup-1a4-book-sunrice-spread-1 sunrice-infographica4-book-sunrice-spread-2a4-book-sunrice-spread-3

The results

SunRice received positive feedback on the report from a range of stakeholders. The infographics we created have proven useful for internal teams – so much so that they are being repurposed for digital and print and we are currently working on a further suite of infographics to explain SunRice’s strategy in more detail.