Boosting a food company’s image and visibility

Manassen Foods

The problem

Manassen Foods Group is one of the largest brand owner and distributor companies in Australia. It’s been in business for over 50 years and achieved great success, but the company felt that it could improve the way it communicated with its employees, partners and retailers. In particular, its website was outdated. The format was text-heavy, the site wasn’t optimised for mobile formats and it didn’t encourage potential clients to contact the company.

The strategy

Working closely with the company, our brand team mapped out a strategy. This aimed to improve recognition of Manassen and understanding of what it does, revamp its branding to make it more consumer-focused, and encourage more new partners, suppliers and employees to work with it.


The solution

First we conducted workshops, audits and interviews with all relevant stakeholders. From this work we identified some recurring themes. For example, Manassen’s people were tenacious and passionate about finding food products from around the world, bringing them to Australia and developing them. Staff loved working for the company but felt the brand presence was relatively weak.

As part of the solution, we set out to create a new website that communicated more effectively the company’s global scale, the experience of its people, the quality of its products, and how well connected it is to international networks of food brands and retailers.

We started by simplifying the website structure and creating clearly defined areas for potential customers, partners and employees. We then broke down the large amounts of existing text into animated graphics and statistics. With the key user group being potential partners – brands seeking help to grow – we ensured that each page supported Manassen’s reputation and credibility. Calls to action were placed on every page encouraging food brands to “join the family”.

To highlight Manassen’s global reach, we created interactive maps showing brands from all around the world. We showcased Manassen’s experience by displaying all the brands it works with on the home page in a vibrant gallery format. We added case studies and employee quotes, to add “personality”.


This work was linked to a new visual identity. The existing Manassen logo wasn’t particularly well-recognised or consistently used, so we created a new mark. It consisted of a set of overlapping circles to reinforce the idea of import and export food distribution being woven across continents. The logomark sat alongside a new, simplified wordmark in a contemporary, friendly looking typeface. Manassen’s yellow and blue colours were carried over from the old logo to provide thematic continuity.

To ensure consistency in communications, we built a suite of easy-to-use stationery, Word and PowerPoint reports, clothing, signage and livery templates for staff. We also developed a tone-of-voice guide for writing and speaking, and photographed a new library of images that showcased the company’s people and products.


The success

A happy client who acknowledges that new branding and materials and a bright, logical, easy-to-navigate website demonstrate far more effectively what Manassen is, does and represents. And makes it easier for potential partners to engage with it.



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