Building a brand with instant reputation


The problem

EMLife is a new life claims management company that needed to build a reputation for excellence quickly. As well as being new, the company had to raise awareness about its specialist focus on helping people return to work, get their independence back, and helping claimants find solutions that might not have previously been suggested.

The strategy

Through our research and workshops it became clear that customers, staff and the rest of the industry rated EML, EMLife’s parent company, extremely highly when it came to dealing with claims, particularly long-term ‘tail’ claims. Because of the close ties between the two companies, we were able to use EML’s reputation and have subtle links embedded into both the brand strategy and the visual identity.

Additionally, we made sure the strategy and design work addressed peoples’ perceptions to the industry. And finally, the strategy used the same brand attributes to ensure staff who already knew and valued one brand were able to act in the same way when adopting the new brand.


EML logo


The solution

We created a complete new EMLife brand that was able to play on the trust instilled by the knowledge it was linked to EML. The strategy felt familiar to staff which meant they could act honestly and confidently with no difficult transition, and the design work had hints of the EML look-and-feel whilst developing a life of its own.


The success

The new EML branding clearly helps to communicate the company’s prime message: we help people get their lives back – and provides assurance for its employer members, regulatory partners and the workers EML are trusted to support recover and return to work.