Highlighting cross-border trade to EU member states


The problem

eBay required an interactive map of Europe that highlighted cross-border trade among its sellers and buyers in 28 EU member states. The company had a rich dataset that revealed its key trading partners, product categories and penetration in these markets. The map would showcase this information in an interactive way on its eBay Main Street Public Policy Lab website. Its key purpose was to help governments in Europe recognise how eBay was supporting local economies, as well as helping local entrepreneurs to expand their international trade. eBay wanted the creative work for the project to follow the style and design cues of existing European trade reports, with the data succinctly displayed and easy to access.

The strategy

We conducted in-depth research into the latest digital techniques to come up with a solution that would reveal more useful information about each country’s export trade, and where they’re selling.

The solution

We created an interactive map as a single portrait-shaped responsive HTML5 iframe with a clickable diagram of the 28 countries at the top of the screen and an infographic underneath displaying the data for the selected country. Users select their desired country and the infographic then displays the cross border trade data, digital density regional rank, commerce data and the top 5 categories of exports and export destinations. Primarily aimed at desktop users of the eBay Main Street Public Policy Lab website, the by-country data was optimised for tablet users to share in meetings with government ministers. It can also be easily downloaded as an A4 pdf.

The success

Interpreting a complex dataset through an interactive map and accompanying infographics provides a fascinating glimpse into what Europe’s entrepreneurs are selling and to whom. It also demonstrates clearly and graphically eBay’s role in encouraging cross-border trade and supporting European economies and entrepreneurs and provided the government relations team with an easy-to-use and useful tool to talk to governments.

View the site here