Melody Li

Visual Storyteller & Motion Designer

How has your career developed since you started work?

After years of mainly digital-focused studying, I started my career by experimenting with mixed media in art and design. One example was an animated light projection where I mixed old video tapes, photography and digital motion graphics for a live performance. Following my passion for mixing media and interactive storytelling, I landed a role in digital augmented reality where I produced interactive graphics, videos and animations that allowed viewers to explore immersive experiences on their mobile phones. Exploring a wide range of projects helped me gain all-round digital media skills and refine my career direction.

Tell us about one of your passions

I am passionate about anything to do with music, whether that be attending a band performance, a concert, listening to music or producing my own. I am fascinated by the sound of the imagination, emotions, textures and colours. It’s something that always gives me my inspiration for storytelling.

Do you love or hate technology – and why?

My feelings about technology are a mixture of love and hate. But I do love it more than hate it. I love that it brings possibilities of building dream worlds that are nevertheless close to reality, such as visual special effects for film. I also love the fact that technology enables us to build immersive spaces for everyone to explore new experiences, emotions and ways of communicating. A great example is the Sydney Vivid light festival.