Chris Chatfield

Brand Director

Do you love or hate technology – why?

I love it and hate it. I love it because it opens up knowledge, possibilities, ideas and forms of contact that were previously inaccessible, too time-consuming or expensive. But I hate it because, despite opening things up, it seems to be creating a more zombie-like society where people only know surface details and don’t interact with what’s going on around them.

Name three things you have learned in your career

Do the very best you can and be proud of it. If you can create three things a year you’re proud of, you’re probably in the right place. And good ideas don’t come from sitting at your desk. Anywhere else is better, including the shower.

Tell us about one of your passions

I’m an avid stand-up paddlesurfer. Being out on the water, watching the horizon and gentle, clean waves rolling towards me is an incredibly peaceful way to escape the day-to-day bustle. It also stops me from getting fat now I’ve slipped over the big 4-0!