A thank you note to all our clients and staff

By Gethin Fisher, General Manager

Last month we were delighted to hand out our second annual BWD Awards.

This initiative has become a firm favourite among BWD people, as we take a few moments to recognise all the work we’ve produced in the last twelve months, and to thank our clients, staff and suppliers for their support.

Of course, we are extremely proud of the 200+ projects that we produced in 2016. Those listed below are just a small sample of all this great work.

Design of the Year

This was the most hotly contested category as the studio lobbied for their personal favourites.

The short list was as follows:

  • The AMPC Feast of Ideas campaign (Client: Peter Noble & Barbara Raffellini)
  • The APA brand refresh (Client: Malou Atayde)
  • The CEB CEO Forum mailer (Client: Daniel Egbert)
  • The eBay Opportunity Index (Client: Megan English)
  • The ECA brand development (Client: Rosemary Sinclair, Chris Alexander and Phil Bourne)

And the winner, by the shortest of noses, was… the ECA branding project.

This campaign was chosen in part because of the exceptional client feedback we received. They felt that the design-led thinking we applied to this strategic initiative had not only delivered an engaging new identity for the organisation, but it had also helped to galvanise the team and crystallise their purpose.

We are grateful to Rosemary, Phil and Chris and all the team at ECA and Essential Media for the opportunity.

A thank you also to BWD’s Chris, Jess, Clare and Melody for their hard work that made it happen. Thank you.

Most Efficacious

This award is given to the campaign and project that has been most successful. ‘Success’ is defined by how well we met the campaign objectives and healthy debate among the nomination panel!

The short list was as follows:

And the winner was… the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) Feast of Ideas campaign.

This sustainability campaign had some grand objectives: to introduce a roadmap for the ongoing sustainability of the red meat processing industry and to identify how action taken today could help secure a more prosperous future for its participants.

ACBC website

BWD people and others talked to a wide range of stakeholders, from federal ministers to local butchers, and traversed many media, including a River Cottage-style ‘feast of ideas’ in Wagga Wagga, a two-day conference in Sydney, and a wide variety of digital content.

The response from industry, government and local communities has been incredible, with the AMPC’s social stats growing exponentially, over $600,000 of free media secured, and many influential people engaging with the AMPC for the first time.

Many, many thanks go to Peter and Barbara and the rest of the AMPC team for giving us this opportunity, and to BWD’s Clare, Phil and Robbie for their sterling work. Thank you.

Most valuable employee

As the name suggests, this award goes to the BWD person who made the biggest contribution in 2016. We’re delighted to have such a talented, thoughtful and hardworking team here, so this award could have gone to any of them.

But this year the enormous, some would say gaudy, trophy went to… Clare Maxwell.


Clare joined the team in May but quickly established herself as a rising star. From day one, she brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the agency and its projects. Despite insisting that she ‘wasn’t very good at logos’, Clare contributed hugely to the branding projects for ECA and Manassen, another important client.

Clare has continued to embrace new challenges, producing her first Sustainability Report for the AMPC and presenting to a number of senior leadership teams. We are lucky to have her working with us. Thank you, Clare.

People’s choice

This final category is voted for by our staff to say thank you to one of our colleagues for their effort and support during their year.

I believe most people got a vote but, rather awkwardly, this year’s winner was me (Gethin). So the less said about that, the better. 🙂

Finally, we’d like to say one more ENORMOUS thank you to all our clients and suppliers for their continued support and we hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2017.