BWD a finalist at Mowhawk Awards

Mohawk BWD award
We’re proud to announce that BWD was named a finalist at the Mohawk Awards (the Australasian bi-annual design and print awards show) for our own branding work.

BWD, originally Businesswriters & Design, had changed so much since our inception 20 years ago that our name and identity no longer reflected what we did.

After lengthy stakeholder research we repositioned the company as a creative agency that communicates strategy through creative thinking, design and writing. The new logo suggests a box with the letter B (for business) inside, and the letters W and D, for writing and design, breaking the whole BWD name out of the box. We like to think that “outside the box” is the way the agency helps its clients communicate.

During the rebrand we realised that while we’re a company known for our strategic thinking, we have a quirky side that clients appreciate. The new identity reflects this by using mostly grey but with flourishes of fluorescent orange, all printed on a beautiful stock called Mohawk Superfine.

The launch pack we sent to our clients to announce the rebrand expanded on this idea with a series of cards presenting simple games highlighting the thinking, storytelling and creating that is integral to our name and services.